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Wild Things II


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As the critters get used to the wintertime feeding rules they become more willing to show up in the daylight.  I believe they post an observer to tell them when womaxx puts the food out.  Later when the snow cover builds they will often stand around and wait for her to come home from work.  Then they will only move back as far as the tree line while she's out walking around.


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We have a very large buck and his harem that live in our yard in the late evening/early morning hours.  He is super destructive.  He has been sharpening his antlers on the trees, and breaking off chunks of our bushes as well.  My neighbors all talk about the deer that live in my yard.  I never see them.  I am dead to the world from 9-6.  Their poop is all over the yard.  Poo piles for days.  I should rake up all the nectarine pits in the yard to show you guys how much they eat in our yard.  It's kind of comical.

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And one of our other friends, a skunk.  This skunk however is tail up and defensive while not stopping dinner.  That might because of the closeness of the Coyote who is very nervous about the skunk and not getting too close.


With the skunk gone for the evening the Coyote is a bit bolder about exploring the area.


The deer don't seem to care as between skunk visits and Coyote visits the wander through in small family groups.  It's clear the word is out that someone here is an easy touch for food.

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