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Tech support by just text chat- sucks


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So painful!!!!!!  I had 2 Internet matters with my Internet service provider:

  • I found out my area did not have super fast internet lines installed yet.  I wanted to  be upgraded. That took about 20 min. of text back and forth.
  • Then problem of account log-in and lack of proper web page displays...they discovered slow line + my partner uploading tons of files to cloud at same time.  

All of above took nearly 2 hrs.  I am certain 30% time could have been saved if I talked on the phone with tech. support!  My partner had to make me a sandwich for supper because I couldn't be away from computer screen..

I finally got a hold of their phone hot line number .....at the end. Which I will use another time!!!  :huh:


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1 minute ago, groupw said:

A couple good things about chat. They can copy/pasted their canned corporate spiel and I can speed read it so we can move on. Secondly, I can print a transcript of the chat so they can’t deny what they said. 

Thank you very kindly and warmly for that Mister groupw sir!  Is there anything else of which I kindly may be with assissting you today Mr. groupw sir?  Have I been to your satisfaction assisting you in the solving of your most urgent needs, for which I am very sorry Mr. groupw sir?

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