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How Good Are You?

Buzz Kill

Creating Work  

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  1. 1. How Good Are You At Making Work For Others?

    • Definitely a skill I have honed after years of trial and error
    • I'm a born expert
    • I'm a resident of Petitepedal's community, so there is no need for me to answer
    • I'm the Lebron James of creating work - the more banal the better!
    • I'm Petitepedal
    • Why don't you do some research on that and get back to me?
    • Where sexbots are concerned, it AIN'T work!
    • Huh?

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3 minutes ago, pedalphile said:

That's my job round here.

Mine too.  

When I took over as the boss, I met with the crew and explained that I hate micro managers.  They stress me out and interfer with my work.  I am pretty particular in how things need to be done the right way.  So I explained to the guys, that if I give them a task and start micro managing them, for them to just tell me I am and I will back off, as I know how much I hate it.

One of my guys just laughed out loud and said, "You'll never micro manage us, if you are that into what we are doing, you will just step in front of us and take over and do it yourself"  Which is true.  :blush:

So I guess in line with that thought, I am not good at making work for others

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19 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Wait until you spend your evening measuring tire widths or searching the SW archives. Posting here will seem like a vacation in Barbados.


That right there was uncalled for.  

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