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Today, my farts smell like broccoli.  

Usually, I do not even notice them as they have no odor.  The only time I tend to notice the odor is if I have had eggs and I get that sulfur smell. Today they smell like brocolli, which is weirding me out a bit.

Can one of you stop by my office and bring a candle?

Feel free to chime in about your flatulence issues.

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I do have to chime in. I have a lot of gas as you call it, we tend to say wind. I allus have done. And when I was a kid they stank something shocking. Nowadays though they never smell, or just rarely, a really mild hardly noticeable whiff. I suppose that's a good thing, but occasionally I regret that I can't creep people out with a real stinker.

In other news, I am still having broccoli for dinner (it's calabrese actually, but I know what he meant).

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The man tells the doctor he has been passing gas something fierce but it doesn’t smell bad. Just then he lets one go. The doctor says “so I see” and he goes over and gets a long cotton swab out of a jar. The man asks the doctor if he is going to stick that up his butt. The doctor says no, I’m going to clean out your nose.  :hapydance:

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