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I have never paid for slippers in my life

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32 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

I am a barefoot guy.  Run flipflops all summer and as soon as I am home from work, socks come off.  In our old house I put in in-floor heat.  OMG, best thing ever.  If I ever met the guy who invented in-floor heating, I would kiss him right on the mouth

This. WoScrapr is always trying to buy me slippers. Uhhh, no. Not my style. Bare feet in the house. Flip flops or light slip ons otherwise. I have been rocking these all summer



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I don't have any neuropathy in my feet but my Dr doesn't want me walking barefoot even in the house so I have gone through several pairs.  I have some Woolrich ones that are comfy.  Admittedly I don't wear them indoors on hot days which Is like 11.5 months of the year...  J/K I usually do wear them.

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I think I bought cheap slippers that weren't very good some years ago. It's only been in the last decade or so that I've worn them - socks were fine before that.

For in the house, in the winter I now like a warm slipper with a cushiony sole and the rest of the year an open-toes, straps-across the top and back of the foot sandals with a cushiony sole.

The sandals were around $17 at Walmart and even survived the salty water over the stony-sand at the beach I sent pics of during my Caribbean vacation.

The slippers were a Christmas present a few years ago - since I only wear them when I'm feeling a little chilled in the Winter I expect them to last a decade, at least.

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