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Krystal? Really?


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For those who do not know, Krystal is the South's White Castle.  Yesterday, WofTy and I both had to go off the island for errands.  But I had to meet her and drive to do the one errand we had to do together.  She left early to get her stuff done.  I did my walk to the 'Y' to workout and walk back.  Walked the dogs.  Got to the meet-up spot right on time.  I was hungry.  Really hungry.  The Mexican place was just down the road.  I was really wanting an El Gordo burrito.  Or I would have settled for some barbecue.  Or seafood.  Both close by. 

Being the kind and considerate husband I am I asked her where she wanted to eat lunch.  With no hesitation what-so-ever, and not even an "I don't care", or a "Wherever you want to go", she blurted out "Krystal!".  I thought she was kidding and said so, but then she said she had a craving for some Chili Cheese Pups, and I could get the #1 Gut Bomb order of 4 Krystals.  Even as hungry as I was that was not what I wanted to hear.  But, that's where we went and I paid for it the rest of the day.  :(

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