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Guilty Much?


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OK so chicken is smoked and I'm heading to work when I realize people might want BBQ sauce so I stop by the market.  Only 1 check out line is open, 3 people ahead of me and the guy who is behind me is pissed muttering about needing more checkers.

So a second cashier comes up and says I'll help next in line.  So the guy two people ahead moves over, the guy ahead of me stays put so I start to head over but the guy behind me is already in the new line and as I look at the guy he's staring straight ahead...  Whatever, I get back in line.

At that point another cashier comes up and says to the dude in front of me, sir I'll take you at Register 1.  The guy looks back, sees I have one item and says "unlike some people I'm not in a hurry so please go ahead".  Cut in front guys starts muttering expletives and other crap I couldn't understand but apparently didn't like being called out...

Glad that a good person balanced out the douche bag today.

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