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Fall weather brings pretty sunsets


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5 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Do you make hot pepper jelly?  I love that stuff!

I haven’t tried making it. I usually buy mine from the Amish. I still have a bunch of jalapeños if I find the time before Thursday I might try it. I made 11 pints of hot relish. It will light you up.:nodhead:

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26 minutes ago, TrentonMakes said:

Ooh! Did you go to Quaker Steak?

Not tonight. My eldest son used to work there before he moved back to Wilmington, NC. I don't go there often, usually I go in before and after my New Year's Day polar plunge in the river. I did a century ride that started and ended there a few years ago. Most everyone changed clothes after the ride before going in, I didn't. I walked up to the bar and ask the girl if she served men in spandex. She said "today I do".

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