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Dog Health Question


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Jack isn't the athlete my Aussie was but he is quiet mobile when he wants to be.  He scurries up and down the stairs and can easily jump on & off the bed & couch.

Today he was reluctant to get out of bed which is odd as he normally wakes us for food.  He also showed a reluctance to jump down off the couch (up was fine?) and was slow going up/down the stairs. He seems to walk fine and I rubbed his joints and he didn't seem to be in pain. As hes a rescue we dont know his age but somewhere around 7 YO and he is a Mini Pin/???? mix.  

My wife plans to come home during lunch to check on him but it seems odd he was perfectly fine one day and gimpy the next?

Any thoughts???

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4 minutes ago, Kirby said:

How is he doing?

Came home and he's clearly not himself but seems able to move about if he wants to. He ate dinner with usual gusto and we took him out for a short walk & he pooped normal poop.  

What's ACL?  Not likely it's Lyme as he doesn't enjoy the outdoors so our walks are usually around the block in our neighborhood. We live in an urban area.

Well keep an eye on him.

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I'm starting to think its all in his head... He must have taken a fall or something that we didn't see.  He doesn't like the wood flooring downstairs and we got his nails trimmed last weekend.  I'm thinking he took a tumble and is just afraid to come down stairs or walk on the floor.

We took him for a walk at the beach tonight and he was his usual chipper self.  As soon as we got home he didn't want to come in from the garage and is acting weird again....

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In my experience, if they are eating and drinking like normal, then behavior like that is due to something being sore. I've tweaked my neck washing my hair, so it is just random. 

And if he's avoiding certain flooring, you're probably right. He might have fallen or something. 

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26 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Does he wear an invisible fence collar?

This made me chuckle.  Jack is a rescue and had a rough life before we got him. That little dude knows he has it good and wont go anywhere on his own.  We leave the doors open all the time and he won't leave the house!  No nothing like that... I really think he took a tumble on the flooring and is afraid, maybe a little sore too.

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