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67 degrees at 9:15 PM


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How come I got stuck with the normal weather? I love the heat. The flowers that I didn't have room to bring in all got froze now, just a bunch of dead brown sticks. I mowed off the dead stuff in the garden today and tilled it under. This is a sad time of year for me, long time before summer again.

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I find some of the comments on autumn weather very interesting. Variable temperatures during October are not uncommon in our area.  Killing frosts can occur in September, but most often occur in October. During October we may see a few cold spells, and even some snow during the month. However, our long periods of cold weather usually begin in November, and anything can happen after Thanksgiving. Yes, we pay close attention to these trends, as we work to finish projects, both when I was working and now when we are raising livestock. We are enjoying the few warm days that we are currently experiencing in the area intermixed with cooler temperatures (57F high and 36F low) like we are having today. We still consider temperatures in the 50s and 60s pretty nice this time of the year.  Hope everyone enjoys autumn in your area.

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