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Time you never get back...


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I have to work today. For the most part, my job isn't bad, but I detest having to work on Saturdays! There is no real business justifcation for us to be open on Saturdays. We normally only have to once per month, but this month I have 2 in a row due to trading weekends to be able to cover a couple races etc..

This weekend was with a different part of our staff than my normal Saturdays. There is a guy working today who has looked up to me since his high school days (he is 50 now). Nice guy, but on the edge of OCD. Uncompromising on many positions (part of why he has never married). I'll call him "Jim", because that's his name. 

Today, a former partner in the company who retired stopped in for a visit. Jim and the partner never got along so Jim came back to hide in my office for a while to minimize his time with the partner. While in here he got on a topic I really didn't care about and wouldn't get off of it! I felt trapped. I couldn't think of a way to get him out without it being rude. I need to stay on his good side because he is the one who takes client calls and schedules us for the appointments. Being on his good side keeps him as a buffer when someone wants me ASAP and I need a sammich or something before getting to my next call. 

At least on a weekday, I can get away because he knows I have to get to a client. Today, I was stuck and the time was sucked away....


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54 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I sometimes feel sorry for this type of person because I figure they are lonely--- other times I think they are total twits who I can barely be nice to.

Exactly!  We had one who retired, and it was very grating that I am sure he could tell people didn't want to listen to his irrelevant stories, but he just wanted someone to listen to him.

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I know he gets lonely. He has a small circle of friends but he needs to get out more.

He had a lady friend a few years ago who really made him happy. She was a wonderful lady and he was changing in very positive ways when she was in his life. When he was ready to take the relationship to the next level, his mom objected because the lady was divorced.  She wouldn't budge despite their own minister saying it was ok. The relationship ended and he reverted to his old ways. I caught him looking at her Facebook profile the other day. I wish he would try again. It would be good for both of them. 

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