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Cookson Not Only Disappointed Me

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...but he actually seems to be as bad as the guy he replaced. Jeez. Talk about a douchebag.  I can say that there was something bad going on with Sky, British Cycling, Wiggins, Brailsford, and more.  The lack of a real investigation, the complete stonewalling by Sky and BC, and listening to the nonsense spun out by all the parties involved in a "clean team with nothing to hide", it is pretty much a sure sign they were cheating, doping, breaking rules, & covering things up.


In 2011, British Cycling employee Simon Cope traveled from the UK to France to transport a medical package to the Team Sky bus on the final day of the Critérium du Dauphiné, that was then administered to Wiggins by Dr Richard Freeman. The contents of the package, or 'jiffy bag' as it came to be known, became central to the investigation. Team Sky and British Cycling both claimed the 'jiffy bag' contained the legal decongestant Fluimucil but could not to provide a paper trail.

Last month, UKAD closed the investigation, unable to confirm contents of the 'jiffy bag'. In the aftermath, Wiggins, who has denied any anti-doping violations, explained he believed the investigation was a "malicious witch hunt" and is considering legal action.

Speaking with the BBC, Cookson explained the investigaton proved "no rules were broken" but as a consequence there was reputational damage to cycling, Sky and Wiggins.

"I think the reputation of the sport, the reputation of the the team and the reputation of the rider Bradley Wiggins should be reinstated," Cookson added. "At the end of the day I have no idea what was in that package, and have no idea what the so-called whistle blower told Ukad or told the Daily Mail what was in the package. Ukad have not been able to put a case together so that's the end of the story."


I like this associated nugget from Wiggins that either implies he has no idea WTF anyone is talking about since he didn't get any drugs (legal due to TUE) - which seems insane - or that he is unsure about the contents since he did not specifically receive the jiffy bag, but did get injected with drugs (again, legal due to TUE). In either case, he seems mighty hands off from his health:

"Fuck knows what was in the bag, it was never delivered to me!" Wiggins said in a reply on Instagram regarding the controversial 'jiffy bag'. "Very important fact that doesn’t get reported!"


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