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My gym workout

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I started regular workout at the gym again after my rotator cuff surgery I had Oct. 28

i started physical therapy the next week and it was at the fitness center I’m a member off. After my PT I stayed around and worked whatever I could without hurting my shoulder. I recovered in record time and I asked about trying swimming. I was given the ok to try it but to stop if it was painful. I am now swimming a quarter mile a day. I’m going slow but getting it done. After my swim I go to the gym and do the routine they had me doing in PT. From there I work my abs, do some leg work and usually finish with a mile on the dreadmill. I keep telling myself I need to increase my mileage but during my run I talk myself out of it. I’m getting faster. Here is today’s run.


i started taking an aerobics class on Wednesday because my favorite hot aerobics instructor talked me into it. She could probably talk me into just about anything. So there I am, me and 13 women sweating away for a full hour. I discovered I’m not real coordinated when it comes to kick boxing.:blush: They also do a workout called pound using drumsticks. It is a ton of fun but I was sore last week the two days after class. Today there was a girl slightly to the right front of me that was somewhat distracting (I’m not complaining) she evidently not wearing a bra, just a tee shirt. No wonder I get my moves mixed up. I think I like being retired.

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31 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

:facepalm: I thought you of all people hued to the running is eville mantra. :(


So far I haven't broken any body parts running. Weight bearing exercise is supposed to strengthen bones, I need strong bones, tired of breaking bones every time I crash.

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It's funny because the gym in the early morning hours when I am there is over run with old people. There is a whole row of dreadmills with people walking on them and I get up there and start running. Nobody pays any attention now because I do it every day but at first I think they were waiting for me to keel over.

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I have been doing the elliptical stepping machines. I like that they are no impact and you can crank the speed between running and walking. I get my weight bearing walking oot side with Ruby. But I guess the elliptical are weight bearing too, just no impact.  

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