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Busy Girl in the Kitchen tonight!


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Hmm, not too many like the bushy girls anywhere.


Can I buy your jam?  I want to send you something magnificent for sending me the coolness, what kind of things are hard to get there in Clammyness?


Everything is hard to get in Clammyness.  You don't have to send me anything.  I like you and I sent you a gift.  I knew your lady wanted rhubarb, so that was a big motivator for me.


You're cool RG.  I will see what I can do about sending you some raspberry.  Although, you have to be patient, my deary.  I am slammed with busy these days.


Oh, and I almost named the thread busy Beaver in the kitchen, but opted not to.  Didn't want any rumors spread about me being possibly untidy.   :huh:

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On 9/19/2013 at 10:20 AM, Digital_photog said:

Yesterday after WoD_P got off work made 3 bushels of grapes into juice.  We are well supplied for the winter.

You could have made a grape pie!!!!

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