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...is being cobbled together in the DC area, and sadly, it makes no sense to me versus a beefing up of existing trails that head from the burbs to the city center. I get the idea of simply "finishing" what already exists and getting it to be a complete loop, but what is really needed is more trails (and wider existing trails) to get people from their homes to the key job areas. 

Looking at the map, I feel like no one is ever going to want to do a full loop, but maybe some folks will get a little benefit from the new pieces of trail (dotted and dashed lines). I used to use the Capital Crescent (from Georgetown to Bethesda), and the Mt Vernon Trail (Rosslyn to Mt Vernon) is always nice but CROWDED. Those two along with the W&OD & Custis trails would be great options for widening and improvement, but oddly (yet not surprising) the money to do that is spent on regular road "improvement".



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We have something similar in Calgary that was 90% done earlier this yr...Mattamy Greenway Loop that goes around the perimeter of the city. And we're a prairie city that sprawls a lot.  The other city bike routes do occasionally intersect.

We haven't done the entire loop...we just bump against certain sections only by coincidence of being on another existing bike route intersecting it from downtown or in a more pleasant area of city.

Our loop is claimed to be 100 km....frankly to me it looks more than 120 km.  Which is fine since we each have done solo and duo rides 100 km. in 1 day within boundaries of each Toronto and Vancouver. However this new Calgary bike route makes a kinda frustrating, somewhat boring route in huge sections....one is cycling in new suburban neighbourhoods / close to highway, industrial land or near a shopping mall. Not inspiriing areas since one is out in prairies...  And more difficult, you can't predict stores /cafes nor washrooms.  Come on you can't go to the washroom in urban flat, prairie parks.  

Sometimes I think we have a lower cycling mode share simply because prairies with far less trees for sun /wind protection, can be discouraging to newbies.  


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