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6+ a bit miles

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It was a nice Michigan day today at 39*F and no ice/snow on the roads and I was lucky enough to take each of my 8 year old twins with me on my run.  It's easier for me to take them separately so I can focus only on one kid at a time, and teach them the rules of the road and how (hopefully) not to get pancaked.  They both pedaled sans training wheels before turning 4 years old, but today was probably the most fun I've had with either of them as they rode.  I tried to make them understand after the fact, multiple times, how much I enjoyed that time we spent together.  I'm thinking this may finally be the year we can really enjoy some cycling together as a family.  I try not to push them, rather let them do what they want when they want, but today they really seemed to enjoy it which is what I've been waiting for!  It's funny but if I ask them if they want to go for a ride they often say no.  But if i just leave the bikes outside the garage on kickstands, they will go ride them all over the place on their own.  After today though, I'm hoping we may be in for a change this year.  We'll see if donuts can help! ;)    :)  

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Cool.  I think 8 years old is a good age for kids to start to really "get" cycling. They can learn shifting and hand braking, and standing to climb, etc..  The tough part is keeping bikes in their proper size, and you have TWO in the same size!!!

Good luck and I hope you get a solid four years out of this sort of thing. All bets are off in the teen years, but sometimes that can work out too as several folks here can attest. I think my 16 yr old niece is still a fan of cycling despite having her drivers license now.


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