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Razors Edge

Vermont Mud Ride

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Isn't this near @Square Wheels? East Burke, Vermont?

Looks like a good ride for his area of the world - the Rasputitsa.



We’re only 3 miles into the 35-mile ride when we hit our first 18-percent climb. It’s short and punchy, and soon mercifully eases back to a more doable gradient; but, beside me, I hear my dad’s breathing quicken. It’s 38 degrees Fahrenheit and raining on this mid-April morning in northern Vermont as I glance over at him, wondering if I should have asked him to join me on a different, less grueling gravel ride. My dad lives in western Pennsylvania, all rolling fields and picturesque Amish farms. Those roads are ideal for skinny-tired riding—with the exception of the channels carved out by horse-and-buggies. But they look nothing like this.

To be fair, not many roads do. We’re just 30 miles south of the Canadian border in East Burke, Vermont, and the roads dance their own jig up and down the ridges that make this a top mountain-biking destination. The 100-plus miles of buffedout single track of Kingdom Trails are closed right now, so it’s nothing but mud and rain today—and we suffer accordingly.


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