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Some Motobecane's

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...the Grand Touring bike that used Vitus tubing for a while is vastly underrated. Sweet riding bicycle.

I think I might have put that rear derailleur on there to replace something that worked less well.003.thumb.JPG.d556d1261aece3673f30b973b71a202d.JPG








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3 hours ago, donkpow said:

What's the deal with the lack of water bottle cage braze-ons on the old bicycles? It seems most only have a place for one water bottle.

...back when those bikes were ridden, we all rode with bottles on the bar.

IIRC, everyone assumed that the fewer heats that were applied in brazing up a frame, the stronger was the frame.

So if you wanted a real racer bike, just like in the Tour, you didn't want somebody putting bottle braze-ons on your down tube.


Anyway, I just put an adapter and cage on the bar for older bikes I want to ride any distance in the hotter weather.


Zeus Competition 001.JPG

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1 hour ago, Reverend_Maynard said:

Did Motobecane used to be high end?  Nowadays they are low end mail order.

...before the company went tits up and the name got sold to Asia, Moto was one of the three largest factory producers in France.

They were on a similar level with Gitane and Peugeot, even if they did not sell as many bikes.  But their production values in terms of fit and finish were better.


Also, they were the first big French bike company to go all in with Japanese and Italian components.  So a lot of their bikes have aged better than the Simplex equipped stuff.

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