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Valverde Is Not A GC Contender

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Period. End of story.  It is Quintana and Landa. Not Quintana, Landa, & Valverde.

Honestly, if I was Movistar, I would look at who my heaviest climber/best descender was and go with him.  If he is reasonable in a TT, all the better.  Froome is winning not on the mountains but on the descents and in the TTs, so if you are a lightweight like Quintana, you are NOT going to match up well against Froome anymore.  And cobbles aren't a light guy's friend either.

I'd say Movistar is a DISTANT long shot against a healthy Froome and Sky.  Only injury will stop Froome.


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He ain't no GC contender, BUT HE IS A WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!


I gotta say, I was of mixed emotions in that final run-in.  Of the four, I was sort of hooping Bardet could sneak a win (to really boost the French cycling renaissance), that Tom D would catch and pass to win (as reward for super year), and that Valverde would represent us "old" guys.  

Regardless, when he won, I gave a cheer.  

Think he was happy?



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