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Kirbys Wild Sister

I strongly dislike car hopping

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Sooooo.  GRIECO stole my cabriolet.  Offered me about 9 hundred less than I paid for it from LeRoy Cannon Volkswagen in 1991. Ten dollars more than I owe on it, but I would like more.  Probably not going to get it. 

So I have to start car hopping.  As much as I loved the cabriolet, I did not enjoy the ridicule or the bullying, but I do like the way the console held my Chick fil A Sprites. Only cost me about 75 per year to drive based on what Grieco is giving me.  Not bad.  Down side is that El Caminos of the same year cost about 25,000 more than what Grieco is giving me and I am not sure I want to spend that right now.

So I think I want a purple El Camino with pink pinstriping.  Found this lowrider that I am going to go look at with Richard tomorrow. Same year as my cabriolet, lower miles, more features, but a lot more hip.

Should cut my fights in half and give me much better cache with the ladies.  Still has factory warranty left.




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I has a '59 Impala then a '64 Impala, both used and on their last legs from 1967-1971 that got me through the end of high school and the first half of commuter college. Then my cousin was only offered $800 for a trade-in of his 1968 Camaro and offered it to me for the same price. I was thrilled. That lasted me through grad. school plus, until 1977 when I got my first real post-college job and my first new car.

My last new car before my current 2013 Honda Fit was a 1997 Ford Taurus.  On Dec. 31, 2012 it had a book value of $900 when it was gently-tapped by a hit-and-run driver, leaving a tiny, almost invisible dent in the bumper but it triggered the air bags which were worth more than the book value so State Farm totaled it.  But, strangely and lucky for me, they figure in dealer markup, taxes and tags, etc. and gave me $2992 for it!  State Farm has been very good to me. I had a house fire in 2005, lots of smoke from one room that spread through the house due to an overheated computer power supply, and when State Farm was done with the repairs, the house was worth $30,000 more than before the fire.  My insurance premiums weren't affected by those two claims.

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14 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

I expected some nice wholesome 50s carhops from Cheese. :( But the pun/parr8ey was better with lowriders I 'spose.  Nonetheless,



Can't argue with you on this, Mr. Mooseworth. However, this was the only way I could work Richard Grieco into the story.   :)

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