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So I just deactivated my S&H green stamps club account...


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I opted out of all my stamps.  Stores no longer give green stamps when people have /are attempting to shop with me or sell to me in the  abandoned mall.  I filled a couple farewell stamp books and was going to give one more to MomCheese for Christmas but decided it was too anticlimactic and just gave it to her.  If I don't redeem them before 3 months expires (or whatever) I'll just cut up all the catalogs and delete my green stamp saving card. My hope is that I become more active again and move towards becoming more social rather than sitting at home licking stamps in the security of my own pullout sofa bed or egg chair.  Besides, instead of talking meaningless drivel with former asshats or acquaintancesof former asshats, I'd much rather come in here and be an asshat to folks that I am familiar with.  I just need to get my ass off the couch




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Trading stamps remind me of my wonderful blue clock that was obtained with month's of shopping at stores we didn't normally use just so I could have the clock of my dreams! 

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