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Posting on an iPhone sucks.


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I started out on a Wang 700 Computer in the early 1970's that had a tiny screen - just for numbers and letters.

Then I had a 9" blue screen on Apple II Plus serial no. 00809.

Ever since, I have not liked small screens.  The laptop I'm on now has a 17.3" screen.  I'm taking it on vacation a week from now because the 5" screen on my Samsung Galaxy S7 is too small to properly study the chess games I have to play because I'm in a no-vacation tournament. I'll have to remember to take my micro USB connector so I can transfer photos from the phone to computer to post if I have time.

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3 hours ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

At work in Outlook, cell phone posts are clearly labeled to shame the lazy bastards who use them. :D


That should just be an auto signature setting that can easily be removed. I don’t particularly care to let people know wether I am replying from my office, my home or elsewhere, my auto signature on my phone matches that for my office outlook account.

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