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My fridge is no longer empty....


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I had a few condiments and some cheese in my fridge..but not much more before my vacation..WELL...I FIXED THAT !!!!!!

I have enough fruit and veggies to feed an army..or at least a family of 4 for a few days....I got a few extras as well..wasabi, grey poupon, mayo, hot sauce, and lord only knows what else..but between Cub, ( one of our local chains) and Trader Joes... I spent OVER $120 :runcirclsmiley:

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Hey, Petite, I was a little disappointed we didn't get any posts from you on your journey home.  Inquiring minds might want to know if your legs held up, if your back was destroyed, if the return weather was treacherous, if you were thinking in the back of your mind you wanted to go back, or even if Jerry was as cool as he seems in forum?  So many questions... few answers.

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Dottie...I might give it a second try..I mean usually we are riding bikes outside by April..and hopefully I won't get the GD shingles again..both things that messed with my ride prep...I would also give myself another day in St.Charles..to do some tourist stuff..and be more rested for the almost 600 mile drive home. I would also make sure I stopped for lunch or a significant rest and some kind of fueling on the ride..maybe it was part of the "trying to beat the heat"..I would also make sure I had some gu or hammer gel...Missouri State Parks..had nothing like that for sale in their stash of food and drink items they were selling. The volunteer thought I was looking for shoe goo :wacko:west to east would help with the headwinds..I am not sure I can fix sleep issues other than taking 2 benadryl instead of one..but hey.

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