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the clove hitch is? I added support to a folding lounge chair by attaching a small diameter rope to all four corners. Each corner secured with a clove hitch. The hitch tightens upon itself as the rope is loaded, making for a very secure attachment. Also good for tying your steed to the hitching post while you are in the saloon. If you need a secure connection that is quickly removed, try a 'slippery' clove hitch. Don't fall for the 'Highway man's hitch', though, or you'll be buying a nag for the ride home.


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I've always been a fan of the bowline, it forms a loop that won't slip down on itself, useful if you need a loop in a rope to pull someone up a hill.

When I was involved with Boy Scouts, and was on the committee that approved advancement, my question was always to toss the kid a piece of rope and have him tie a bowline. The first few committee meetings I had to coach the kid through it, but suddenly they all seemed to know the bowline...That's OK , felt it important that they know how to tie the knot, and if they learned it just to get past me at the committee meeting, well they might use someday.


Bowline Knot Tying Instructions

  • Lay the rope across your left hand with the free end hanging down. Form a small loop in the line in your hand.
  • Bring the free end up to and pass through the eye from the under side (the rabbit comes out of the hole).
  • Wrap the line around the standing line and back down through the loop (around the tree and back down the hole).
  • Tighten the knot by pulling on free end while holding standing line




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15 hours ago, donkpow said:

Also good for tying your steed to the hitching post while you are in the saloon.

Wrong there doggie.  A quick release knot should always be used to secure your steed.  Anything else, especially something like the clove hitch, is asking for trouble.  

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