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I need some advice.  I played an outside two hour session for some tourist shops.  The owners liked what and how I played, but I thought the sound was way off; it could have been the acoustics of being outside.  I played a Taylor electric acoustic with a Crate acoustic amp (CA30DG), and used that amp with a Sennheiser e835 mic through the same amp.  Not optimal since the effects are for both channels, with the gain control the only thing that separates the two.

I think the amp is okay for the guitar, once I learn the best settings for the effects, but I think I need a separate amp for the mic.  I looked but I have no clue about, and have never heard of, most of the amps I saw.  I don't need a top notch sound setup as I do not play that well or often, yet, but I at least want what I do play to sound alright.

Any ideas would be most appreciated by the listening audiences.   

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I have a Traynor TVM50 that I really like but am not a frequent user like you.  I also use it indoors and it isn't subject to rain or high humidity etc so can't comment there.  I am no expert. :) 

I should also mention it is battery powered, so nice and portable, minimal hassle.  They say the battery lasts 12-15 hours but I have never used it more than about 6 hours. 

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