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Verizon Fios II

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So, the past week or two, the Verizon folks have been working at a feverish pace in my neighborhood.  Maybe five years ago, Verizon came to my 'hood and slapped Comcast in the noggin by installing Fios.  We went with it for a year, hated their DVR and customer service, and eventually went back to Comcast.  By then, Comcast was selling a faster product as well, and we went with provider-agnostic Tivo for our DVR.  Anyway, now Verizon is upping their game again, since when they came through last time, it was only fiber optic to the block's junction and then coax or copper or whatever into each home.  Now, they are running the fiber optic cable into everyone's electric/cable entry point, and I assume it is then still coax once past that point.

I doubt we will switch back, but we may.  Sometimes worth it to play the two against each other.


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