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I started this for Airwick


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You're welcome. 

Things have been crazy. 

Moved to CLT for a job that was by far the worst job I've ever had.  Moved into a sales job which was great, got back into coaching, though it was soccer and my kids teams.  Moved back to Ohio late last year, got roped into coaching soccer and lacrosse.  Still trying to play lacrosse though the body is telling me not to.  Still trying to ride bikes when I have the free time.  I did manage to teach my oldest how to mountain bike so she and I ride together a bit, she's 12 now.  Tried to teach my youngest to mountain bike, she hates it.  She literally laid her bike down on the trail and refused to ride off the beginner trail, she's 10 now.  Wife is still good and somehow hasn't murdered me, melted the remains with muriatic acid and disposed of the body to claim the life insurance.  Started a new job about a month ago that is very satisfying.  All in all, pretty good.  How are you?

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I am mostly well, thank you for asking. I am into water fountains now. Most of the forum here seems indifferent so I try to be considerate and only bring them up on occasion. 

I have a dream of motivating Greenville to showcase her rise to national prominence again by building a great magnificent water fountain along the lines of the Forsyth Fountain in Savannah. I know just the place and there is some interest. Reality is fleeting though so it's still just a dream at the moment. 

I hope a new job comes your way very soon and your daughter sounds like a young Cheese.    :nodhead:

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