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I've been riding 27.5 or 650B wheels on my mtn bike for about 4 years and recently switched to 29 wheels on my new mtn bike. Some initial observations:

29" wheels are big!  They are noticeably bigger and there is a lot of wheel sticking out front from the handlebars. The 29r bike just feels big even though both bikes are properly sized.

29" wheels roll fast!  Holy Shciznit going down hill is fun and sometimes scary.  It seems once they get up to speed they just want to go go go.

29" wheels just roll over shit.  Holes, rocks, ruts, whatever they really don't lose momentum going over small to moderate sized obstacles.

29" wheels are not as nimble... Some of this may be the difference in bikes too but tight turns and picking lines between obstacles is definitely more challenging.  Often times I just roll over shit rather than try to change my line. The 27.5 wheels are like point and shoot.  Really nimble.

This may be bike and not wheels but steep technical climbs are harder to keep weight on the front.  Both bikes are set up for XC and if you stack them side by side bars and saddles line up simalalry.  But it was much easier to keep weight on the smaller wheels in super steep climbs.

Im not going to get into a what is better debate but I think I made the right choice for the type of riding I plan to do (endurance XC type rides).  If I had money to burn a trail or enduro bike with smaller wheels would be a lot of fun too.  It just depends on what type of riding you plan to do.

There is also the whole hard tail vs full suspension thing and all I can say is I love being fully sprung.  

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I have a 650b, currently trying to sell it.

I thought it would be a big improvement over 700c (29) but it wasn't. If I had to do it over again, I'd still go custom, but I'd get a Waterford 700c that was like my Gunnar Sport, but make the chainstays just a bit longer.

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