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The unlikely computer story.


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The brand new Chromebook arrived today.  That made me happy.

It arrived hours late as the mail lady's truck broke down.  That made me anxious.

I had planned ahead with a copy of all my bookmarks on an sd card.  That made me feel smart.

Every website loaded on command, most their proper passwords intact.  That made me very happy.

I could not access my Paypal site as it claimed to be protected from unauthorized access attempts. This made me very unhappy.

I discovered that Paypal had made a software change that required one's browser to be updated post June 26.   As I had loaded all updates this made me anxious again.

I turned the machine off and on one more time and all was well.  That made me very happy.

It's a wide screen 15.5 HD display with top mounted speakers.  This made me have a small orgasm.

The end.

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12 minutes ago, Scrapr said:

That is my screen saver! And my computer!!!

I'm about 3 or 4 months in and love my CB

This is my second Chromebook.  Womaxx has one too.  I'm a big fan of these for everyday use.  I still have a serious desk top down in the secret lab for business work, photoshop and archiving my music and pics.  This one is for internet, forumizing, shopping and general BS.  The speakers and big screen may get me into more video stuff.

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