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What are you doing to celebrate Carolina Day and the victory at the Battle of Sullivan Island?

Mr. Silly

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The Battle of Sullivan's Island or the Battle of Fort Sullivan was fought on June 28, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War. It took place near Charleston, South Carolina, during the first British attempt to capture the city from American rebels. It is also sometimes referred to as the First Siege of Charleston, owing to a more successful British siege in 1780.

The land assault was frustrated when the channel between the two islands was found to be too deep to wade, and the American defenses prevented an amphibious landing. The naval bombardment had little effect due to the sandy soil and the spongy nature of the fort's  log construction. Careful fire by the defenders wrought significant damage on the British fleet, which withdrew after an entire day's bombardment. The British withdrew their expedition force to New York, and did not return to South Carolina until 1780.

Fort Sullivan was renamed Fort Moultrie and some dude made the Moultrie Flag



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I am celebrating by seeing a  @Mr. Silly sighting!!!   :skipping::skipping::slow-dance-smiley::skipping:which makes this day almost as good as Christmas and Hanukkah combined.   :nodhead:

If you will stay this time, I will commit tp paying the internet bill for your home for 6 months.  ( some restrictions apply ) 

We love Mr. Silly!  Slightly less than Road Runner and Wilbur, but still.    :)


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