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Maryland Shooting


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33 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...do you think Mary and Rhoda had a lesbian "thing" going on ?  It never seemed like she had a male interest, and the show went on for a long time.

I remember some cheesy Brian Picalo type, white guy fro, gold chain. No wonder she went all dyko. 

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11 hours ago, BuffJim said:

Annapolis newsroom. Several dead I heard.

We had a speaker today at work give a presentation on what to do if an active shooter is in the workplace. Sobering to think about.

Throughout the 2000's teachers have been receiving training in the same thing, including standing sideways to present a smaller target.

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The shooting took place very close to the dentist's office where it was recently determined I didn't need a root canal.

The funny thing it that the tooth was bothering me today - there's a pocket between the teeth I have to carefully floss from time to time to prevent anything caught there from irritating the recently infected gum.

The shooter, a while guy named Ramos, had a lawsuit, representing himself, against the newspaper for an article they did about a stalking case against him.

He's kept the case active for years by suing the lawyers, judge, etc. - everyone who didn't agree with him.

He said he wanted one editor - who wasn't shot - dead and the newspaper tried to get charges pressed by there wasn't enough to go on.

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