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couple pics from the lake tonight


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3 hours ago, sheep_herder said:

I met a fellow the other day that had never seen a tick.

Wish I never had. Lyme disease is rampant here.

I know all I have to do is check thoroughly after leaving the woods, but the little bastards freak me out  


Thirty some years ago....my daughter was two, we were on a beach road trip, just driving down the coast, stopping to see people we knew, or any where we wanted. Riding in the van, my wife was changing the daughter, tried to dig some dirt out of her belly button and discovered a fully engorged tick.

We were somewhere in Georgia and checked the yellow pages for Doctor. Found a clinic where they actually cut the Damned thing out and gave us antibiotics to ward off the Lyme.  Lucky that the clinic people knew about the diseases that ticks carry. 

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2 hours ago, Longjohn said:

Unless you have pets in your house you probably won’t see ticks while sitting on the couch watching tv.

Wrong conclusion, and your comment doesn't fit at all, as he is a very active photographer in very good shape from trekking to many places. I think he really hoped to see one on this trip.

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