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The tenant story from this morning


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We had to go over there and give the news of selling the house and the new rental contract.  I had fully expected tears and that is about what happened.  She cried that she didn't have a down payment.  She cried about how they have constant setbacks.  The first thing I noticed when we drove up was the classic Nova parked under a new mobile carport.  The Nova was gorgeous.  Then, during the inspection, we found another hotrod, a brand new Chevy Camaro in the garage.  These two hot rods are on top of the 3 cars that they already own that are usable and running.  Every single room is jam packed with personal effects.  The house was clean, but there is just a ton of stuff.  There are big screen TVs in every room, and they were all running.  No one was seated in front of at least two TVs.  TVs in the kitchen, the bathroom, every bedroom, the living room and the garage.  

She asked me how much I was going to charge her, if she left her lease early.  I said that we would not charge her, so we could keep her move more inexpensive.  There was very little wrong with the house.  We will only ding them a very small amount for repair and carpet cleaning.

All in all, we are ending this relationship very positive.  She thanked us over and over for only raising her rent $50, over the last 6 years.  She understood why we wanted to get out of the rental game.  She said she would clean everything up and they are getting a storage place very soon so we can have better curb appeal.  Just too many cars and too much personal stuff all over.  

As we left and she was crying and lamenting about how the Camaro was bought, because they work so hard and needed to reward themselves.  She said "I should have used that for a down payment on a home."  She also complained about how everything costs so much with taxes, healthcare and food as she continued to cry.  I didn't know what to say to all that, and just nodded and listened.

The real estate agent told me that this area is moving quickly,  It is a very popular wooded area just 20 minutes from city center.  The trees and nature are beautiful where the home is.  It should sell fast.



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I'm glad for your sake that this step is over.  I'm sure it wasn't easy, but it's the right move for you.  Perhaps they can sell one of their cars to help get a down payment.  This move may end up being good for them as well in the long run.

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Good on ya DH.  I bet you feel relieved.

some people are truly dealt a shitty hand when it comes to finances but most set themselves up for failure. My brother often laments about his expenses but it's mainly caused by an expensive home and lifestyle.  Then when something happens he doesn't have the cash to cover the expense...  

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Just now, jsharr said:

Yeah, I know, but I could not find one with a restored camaro and a hot rod....


2 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

Hey, that is not fair.  That is probably his main source of income.:whistle: We even have limo service in our small town.

Image result for redneck limo

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