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Deep Creek Lake Day 2: Wisp Resort


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4 hours ago, Airehead said:

Where are you staying.  I need to get my nips and nephews up here.

We are staying at a huge cabin called Bear Hollow, 20590 Garrett Highway, Oakland, MD 21550, right on Deep Creek Lake.

It's described here and in the clip below: https://www.facebook.com/BearHollowDCL/

There's another one just like it next door called Raccoon Lagoon.

It's got miles and miles of shoreline so there are rentals of all sizes and prices.

Bear Hollow is something like $5400/week - we have 12 plus some occasional-drop-by-invites. My share was $467.


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8 hours ago, Mr. Silly said:

That looks like fun.  How come you didn't invite Mrs. Silly and I?

Maybe next time!  We have 5 bedrooms and one is reserved for some friends/relatives that each are dropping in for a couple of days.

Tonight's my cooking night. The Walmart Supercenter in Oakland, MD has chicken thighs and legs on sale for $1.29/lb so I loaded up and invited the next door cabin - mac & cheese and green bean sides.

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