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This will be an interesting week at work...


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I did grilled chicken yesterday.  Given the outside temperature, the grill took seconds to get hot enough and it was a bit unpleasant to be near the grill while cutting into the chicken to see if it was done.

It was really good chicken however, served with potato salad and mixed veggies.

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8 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Work 2 off 1 Work 2   

No fireworks in St. Paul....the Mayor says the $100,000 could be spent for other things.....

I finally got charcoal..so I will grill one of these coming days!!

I seem to be on a 5 off, 1 on schedule.   The next couple of weeks will be 1 on, 8 off.   More cottage time!

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I normally have Wednesday off, so this will be a regular work schedule for me. There will be many food vendors in the park Wed, so I'll see what looks good at the time.  Though that bacon wrapped tenderloin looks pretty good!!

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I am working today, off Tuesday and Wednesday, work Thursday, Friday. 

Tomorrow, I am meeting the chimney inspectors at the house. We have two wood burning fireplaces that I want to use when it gets cold out. I want to be sure they are safe to use. Landlord says they're good but he's relying on the home inspection he had done last October. 

I'm also taking the wife's car to have an estimate prepared. Some lady backed into her car at the gas station and she wants the bumper repaired.

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