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Anyone got a spare rim laying around?


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10 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Drive around a bit. I see those little guys parked at all sorts of job sites.  Find a match and swap the wheels.


Those all have bigger wheels with either 6 or 8 bolt lug.



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4 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

They usually leave the keys in the ignition, so just swap the whole darn thing out!


Well then I have to find a bigger trailer first as they are a lot heavier.  Still might be simpler than finding a rim for this one.

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Just now, Kzoo said:

That's a rear wheel.  Just keep weight in the bucket and you will be fine.

I did try to through some weight in the bucket to limp it around front to be easier to work on, I got tired of trying to put enough weight in it and decided it was easier to leave it sit and work on it there.  That thing is heavy in the ass end, but that makes sense as you have to counter balance it when bucket is loaded.

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