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The story of my blueberry bush

Mr. Silly

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I truly enjoy blueberries.  They're sweet but not too sweet and they have a wonderful flavor.  Eating them makes me feel happy.  Last fall I decided to plant two blueberry bushes in the back of the yard so I enjoy fresh blueberries when they're in season.  This made me feed industrious. 

I went to English Garden to pick up two blueberry bushes.  Baby blueberry bushes don't look like bushes; they looked like sticks about a 2 feet long.  They didn't look much to me but... OK.  So I bought two of the blueberry sticks.  This made me feel slightly victimized by the Big Blueberry Bush syndicate selling blueberry sticks but I still felt good about my future beautiful blueberry bounty.  

I planted my blueberry sticks in the back of the yard near the neighbors fence positions to block the view of my neighbor's trash cans once the sticks filled in.  I felt satisfied from the couple minutes of hard work digging the two holes and I also felt eager from anticipation.

Spring comes around and when the snow melted I ran to the back of the yard to check on my blueberry bushes.  They were still back there and much to my delight, the baby blueberry bushes were beginning to bud.  I went to bed that night with dreams of blueberry jams, blueberry pies, fresh blueberries on salads, blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins.

Whether this spring was odd.  It was wet so I wasn't able to get out to cut the grass as soon as I'd have liked.  When I was finally able to get out the grass was real long.  I carefully cut around my blueberry sticks because I didn't want to hurt my blueberries.  Mrs. Silly also wanted to help and she grabbed the weed-wacker and cut down the tall grass around the edges.  We finished our work and enjoyed a bottle of wine and a rousing game of backgammon on the veranda and appreciated our loving backyard on that lovely spring day.  

I then looked over to my budding blueberry bushes and noticed the grass around my blueberry bushes was flat.  I purposely left some grass around my babies as to not to disturb them.  I could see from the deck that the grass was cleanly cut.  I ran over and saw sticks had been chopped by the weed-wacker.  I fell to my knees, looked to the sky


 I asked Mrs. Silly about my blueberries and she just said, "Oh, is that where they were?"   My beautiful budding baby blueberry bushes were dead.  My dreams dashed.  My future gone.

The End

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2 hours ago, Kirby said:

What a sad ending to the story.  Have you considered currant bushes? :nodhead:

No.  I don't think I have ever had a currant.  Planting a bush seems like a big commitment for something I may not enjoy as much as blueberries

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I planted a whole row of blueberries about five years ago. I think it was six blueberry sticks and one blueberry bush that already had blueberries. They were growing good all summer. We had a hard winter and the bunnies ate all of my blueberries. They snipped them off about a foot off the ground. That was about how deep the snow was most of that winter. I left the stumps hoping they would come up from the root but they didn’t. 

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2 hours ago, Mr. Silly said:

No.  I don't think I have ever had a currant.  Planting a bush seems like a big commitment for something I may not enjoy as much as blueberries

Red currants are pretty tart.  Most people wouldn't eat them alone, but I think they're popular in some parts of Europe as a flavoring for baking or on puddings.  They do make a nice jelly.

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