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The story of the angry raccoon


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19 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

Not nearly as good as Kirby's, certainly better than mine, close, but a little more entertaining than Mr. Silly's    :nodhead:

And didn't Parr8 recently post a "cat" story about a raccoon on his fridge?  That was a funny story.


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Just now, Kirby said:

Hey, I saw you hanging around trying to talk my cat out of the currants earlier today! 



GK and raccoon.jpg

Can you see the loathing mixed with sadness, disppointment and hunger in my beady, hate filled eyes?  Is hate filled hypenated?

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2 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Definition of hate-filled in US English: 



·         Full of hatred; very hostile.

‘a bitter, hate-filled raccoon, robbed of it’s rightful share of currants’

‘a hideous, hate-filled nocturnal mammal eating a racist pb&j’

More example sentences

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