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So who here brushes their dawg'z teefers?


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3 hours ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

There must be some tips and tricks to it!  Ruby has not cooperated so far.

Every few years we just take our pups in to the vet where they clean them under anesethia.  Brushing never really worked for us.  It's a PITA for us and our dogs really didn't like it so resisted.

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Our vet suggested playing with their mouth and rubbing their teeth when playing with them in the morning.  She suggested morning is best before they get hyper.  Duke accepts this type of foolishness, but we've not tried actually brushing his teeth yet.  I'll report back later on the results.

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Yeah, if you dont start doing it while they are puppies, its a losing battle. We could do it with Scoot because we got him as a pup. He was always pretty laid back though too. While he'd still curl his lips sometimes to show his disapproval, that just made things easier to brush. ^_^

The girls we've always needed to take to the vet.

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