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...like all my most brilliant ideas, this one came to me today while swimming.  I elaborated on the concept in the steam room.

Picture a separate, super secret, password protected section of the forum. (This is to keep out the trashy people, like me.)


Then set it up so that every time someone posts something in that forum, in any thread, that post is automagically assigned likes and thank you's, one for each time it generates a user view.  @AirwickWithCheese could go in there, start any thread he wanted, on any subject, and receive all the gratification anyone could desire, simply by virtue of his presence. It would be the online forum equivalent of participation ribbons and trophies, but better because you could get unlimited numbers of them, (The people who run those participation award events are always on limited budgets.)  I can see no down side.  



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4 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

Will socks be eligible to help inflate the like count, or will likeflation be so rampant that they won't be necessary.

Besides, how will this new forum hold up when Wheels issues the ever popular like your own day.

...those are excellent questions.  I'll have to get back to you after checking with the President.

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