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I just realised it's coming.

The summer tidal wave of books. I'm about to be done with Saturn Run, which has many flaws but a couple redeeming strengths. The thing about it I like best is the idea that a long time ago, somebody built an interstellar gas station at Saturn. The clever bit is that it's automated and the antimatter is free. Any race can drop by and fill their proverbial tank. It also does barter on a wide variety of things, including music and food.

What makes it clever is that it's a way from different races to interact without coming in contact. If you ran into an alien race, it might take years just to learn how to have a chat. And if they're anything like us, they'd get bored and want a war.

I'm reading Facts and Fears, which is better than I thought it would be. Retired spook shares his worries.

I mentioned Conspiracy of Paper the other day, financial shennanigans in the early days of capitalism in England.

Need to get going on the 4th book of The Expanse, it's a library book.

And I just requested The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs which is said to be an entertaining read about recent work on our distant dino cousins.

Feast or famine, eh?

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