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What are you assholes up to?


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1 minute ago, Wilbur said:

Exactly.  The painkiller made it feel good so I did stuff.   Now I need another painkiller so I can do mare stuff.  What could go wrong with my recovery plan? 

You had a needle that a chinaman maliciously placed inside you to restrict your movements, now it is gone. Structurally you should be fine, other than a little pain. You can do anything, there is a difference between pain and injury. 

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18 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...I went out with my wife to test drive some cars, Camry and Accord.

I was surprised to discover that Honda is offering only blower charged engines in the Accord in 2018.




<picture Spock saying that>

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1 minute ago, Kirby said:

Watching a Christmas in July movie on Hallmark Channel .

I am watching "Hateful 8", which isn't very good.  Lots of forced dialogue, and like any Tarantino movie, lots of outlandishness that never had ever a hint of being possible in the whole real world aspect.  Not that you'd expect it, mind you, but someone has to remind him not to go so far over the top every damn time, but no one has.

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Wade and I went out for Mexican food. Then we stopped by home depot and found led floodlights for sale less than $6 for a 6-pack of 65 W dimmable bulbs. We just replaced 16 bulbs and we are now all LED lighting in our living areas

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