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My fan is Chirping


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1 minute ago, 12string said:

Spray a whole lot of WD-40 at the back side of the fan while it's running.  That way you'll be sure to get some WD-40 in some place that might need it anyway.  If that doesn't work, turn up the radio,

Or sing along.

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I did maintenance for a motel for awhile and I had to take all the exhaust fans down and soak them in a special solution when they got noisy. It restored them like new. Not sure what it was called but it came in a five gallon bucket. Never had to replace a fan when I worked there, it always took care of the problem.

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2 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Image result for fan club


I suppose we already know who's going to win election as club president.  If you need any help running your meetings you can always ask BikeGuy.

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