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Windy ride today.

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The sun was shining bright and I thought I'd wear bike shorts with lots of sunblock on my legs, face, arms.  I went outside for something and discovered it was cold and very windy.  I put on bib tights, long sleeve jersey, brought my jacket along and wore my DaBrim on my helmet.  I hoped to test DaBrim to see how it handled in wind and speed.  Not as bad as you would think.  I could feel resistance but nothing I couldn't handle.  I didn't take off like the flying nun.  i made it about twelve miles into my ride before I stopped and put on my jacket (yep I don't do the no hands put on jacket while riding thingy).  Did lots of climbing today and didn't get too hot at all, I was glad to get inside and get warmed up after the ride. Twenty eight miles, maximum speed of 45.9 mph. and 2,150 feet of climbing.  DaBrim is only rated for 35 mph but mine held up ten mph more than that.

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