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Whitewater Rafting near Deep Creek Lake


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9 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

Week long guided trips are pricey, although definitely worth it.  Day trips are also worthwhile and a lot cheaper.


The four in our raft, in our 60's and 50's, were exhausted after 2 hours. The guy in the blue windbreaker in the other raft is in his 70's and he got out after the third loop. The 2 hours were just right for us.

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13 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

Looks like fun, but only 1 mile.

It was only one mile, but at the bottom of the run we took a raft-lift back to the top and re-did the mile a lot of times.

And it's long enough and varied enough to be fun to re-do:  "Adventure Sports Center International is an Olympic standard white water rafting and canoe/kayak slalom center located on the mountaintop above the Wisp Ski Resort at Deep Creek Lake, McHenry, Maryland."

As we hit the various sequences of single, double, and triple rapids and the tricky eddies between them, we got better and better at it and that contributed to the fun.  By the last go-round, we were hitting fewer rocks and more centered and aligned through the drops - some of which we went through backwards on the first few runs!  We were supposed to keep paddling through all the splashing and also got better at it by the end.

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The Yough River has some pretty good white water near Ohiopyle. The Great Adventure ride passed right along it.

My buddy & I were going to fish a section of it from my canoe. Lucky lives near the river and had gone thru the section dozens of times in inflatable boats, he didn't think it would be much harder in a canoe.

Looking at the water before we launched I asked Lucky how long it would take to go thru the section, he guessed about 45 minutes. I suggested taking a test run without the fishing gear first.

That was the only good decision made that day.

2 hours later, half to three quarter drowned we dragged our asses and a wrech canoe out of the river.

We didn't go fishing.

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