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Time to vote again: What's the most plausible answer for Airwick with Cheese's current absence ?

Page Turner

What's your best guess on Airwick with Cheese's current silence on the forum ?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Which scenario do you deem most likely ?

    • A lifetime of Dr Pepper, Little Debby Snack Cakes, and Moon Pies finally put him on life support in a diabetic coma. Dr's are currently debating whether to amputate his right leg above or below the knee.
    • He is on vacation. Some of his travel destinations are too far off the beaten path for internet connectivity. (example, the Corn Palace in Mitchell. SD)
    • momCheese has once again ordered him to put his life in order, and to make something of himself. He's thinking about what that will be.
    • Page Turner is mean (this choice also if you want to vote for "Page Turner is an asshole").
    • He has decided to follow in the historical footsteps of the founding fathers of the great state of South Carolina, and has seceded. (not succeeded, that is choice #3)
    • This is about the Trophy Club. All of his various absences have been about the Trophy Club.
    • Officer Jessica Hardnipples has kidnapped him, and has him handcuffed to a four poster bed in an underground torture bunker. She is making him do perverse and horrible things to satisfy her base sexual needs.
    • Other : please describe your other possibility in a posting.

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34 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...I blame the Beatles and Neil Young.:angry:


28 minutes ago, Page Turner said:

...I think he's still poking people.  He gave me a "like" yesterday or the day before.

I doubt he'll leave entirely, we are his only connection to @Kirby.

Both of these are very wise.   :)  

I have gone nowhere, you people are stuck with me.  How is everyone? I hope all of you are having a great summer.  :nodhead:

I'm eating much better these days but working quite a bit. I still expect you all to keep me entertained which is best for society in general.  

Is Wilbur still our king? RR has grown weary of me and no longer sends me inappropriate candid photos from the grocery store. Kirby still hasn't promised to meet me in Savannah for a weekend of sin, grape pies, and Paula Deen's macaroni pie.  :(

I miss all you weasels. 


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17 minutes ago, Dottles said:

@Page Turner: while this indeed a very comprehensive list, I do believe it is missing a single, pivotal option.


'To raise his SWC stock and dupe suckers into demanding his return'.


It's a brilliant play.


10 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:



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