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Surprise- friend from 20 yrs. ago reaches me


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I'm slight shock...a friend from 20 yrs. ago located me via my blog  ..just a few wks. ago.  Now it's not surprising.  However keep in mind, our friendship broke apart at that time.

True, my blog does gives a narrow insight what I've experienced in past few yrs. But not all since I focus on just the positive in the blog. (I don't use blog as a cathartic dump to all strangers since the strongest support for me has been real in-person people.)

She lives far away in another province. 

It's made me reflect how many changes there have been for myself. I'm not sure whether to be happy she's in contact with me.   Have no idea about her life yet.


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1 hour ago, Kirby said:

It will be interesting to see how this develops.  Keep us posted.

It appears they visit my province annually because their network of family members has spilled over into my province and B.C.  So most likely one day we will meet up.  My birth family also are all in the city where she lives with her hubby. 

This latest shout-out from the past, is all coinciding after learning in last few wks., with 2 other different long-time friends who each (don't know each other) are taking early retirement.  

Finally this latest long-ago friend from past, informed me that someone died ….he headed a literary magazine that was the first of its kind in Canada,  I was involved 30 yrs. ago as a volunteer. 

It is as if personal history loose ends, are coalescing into the next patterns in life.  This has happened to me several times in life, significant events happening around the same time.



While I am a story teller here, I am a natural listener so I have a lot of friends from the past that find they just need that contact many years later.  

Your role is valuable. I doubt this friend is simply a listener. But she was insightful in her observations.

It is true CAnada like the U.S. is a huge country and populations has become highly mobile.  However it continues to amaze me, incredible coincidences.  When we were at the fish market in Japan 2 wks. ago, we sat down at a sashimi-sushi restaurant.  The woman who I sat beside me, a perfect stranger, was living and working in Hong Kong. But she was a CAnadian, grown up  in my present city..Calgary. There are tons of tourists pouring into Tokyo...how is it by chance, I sat beside an ex-Calgarian?

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