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It Felt Good To Be "Home"


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We drove through LA around dinner time so I took my wife to this Hawaiian place I used to go when I worked up there.  It's really popular with the Filipinos, Somoans, Guamanian and Hawaiians who live local.

So I walk up and there is a big crowd of people milling around out front.  I can see they are just talking & not waiting to go in so say "hey brah can I get by?"  "Yeah yeah bruddah sorry cuz" and I get a shake and a hug from some 300 lb Samoan dude.

We order and sit down and my wife is the only haole in the place.  Hawaiian music is playing in the background, people are loud and laughing and carrying on in fun family banter.  My wife says OMG we're at your moms house....  Yeah I love this place.  

I had two of my "aunties" offer us food off their table, (they said I was too thin!) people I never met are talking to me like we are related and it never ceases to amaze me how warm and welcoming other Islanders are to one another.  

It seems we just know one when we see one.


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