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Here I've put together a brace for a handlebar bag. The brace holds the bag pretty much vertical away from my cables.


It's made from pvc pieces I got from Lowe's. Mostly 1/2".


Adjustable with respect to stand-off distance.


The essential component is a 3/4" saddle tee. It allows the assembly to snap on and off my quill stem. I've cut it down to fit. If I need to, I can cut the other side off, too. Or I can flip it over to change the position on the stem. The 3/4" dimension was a little too big so I padded the inside of the tee with some rubber gasket material glued into place.


This is the brace in place. The bag has a velcro strap to hold it in place.


I can easily pop it off when I don't have a bag on the bike. I can trim it to fit when I increase the insertion of the stem. The extension from the elbow gives more support to the bag. If I need additional support, I could put a tee in and create like a "H" configuration. I can also remove the elbow portion when I use the small bag on the bike. It could use some finishing. Maybe some bar wrap. At this point I find it works fine.

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16 hours ago, donkpow said:

I know you jest but yes, it can be done.

I do like the DIY aspect of the design.  It is fun to "solve" problems.  Many actual products for sale, that are successful, are solutions to problems that had previously been ignored, overlooked, or deemed unnecessary.  A sagging bag that interferes with shifting and/or hand placement is a PITA, so kudos to you for sorting your situation out. Likewise, it is something you can tweak and improve over time.


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