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the move podcast '19 TdF preview

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Not as good as some of the actual stage episodes, but I will take it.  I am also on the opposite side of his regarding what the TdF needs.  They definitely don't need anything that has the effect of putting Sky minutes ahead  by stage 3 or whatever.  If the TdF can figure out how to make the mountains actually matter wherein only GC guys are left in the final 10-20kms - ie no domestiques pulling the train along - then we will truly have an epic battle.  Right now, with Sky and its monstrous budget, they have the top 3 TTT team, a top 3 (and several top 10) riders, and clearly top 3 management, so a TTT will only help Sky, Sunweb, and one other team, while Movistar or a smaller French team would be minutes back.  Then, everyone is playing chase for the next three weeks, and it is again, only about podium spots below #1 and whether or not Sagan will do something epic/funny/crazy/etc..


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